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Harley vs Metrics - an ecuminical matter

I've always wondered, do US lads who ride metric cruisers get frowned upon by fellow US lads who ride harleys?

Harley riders over here in Europa do tend to be a bit snobby towards jap cruisers, but in the US there's the added factor of Harley being the "home team", as in it's an American company.... so do people frown upon lads buying foreign made bikes or what?

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I wouldn't say they look down on us , but there are a lot of them that just say they would never ride a "JAP" bike. A lot of fellas that I work with yank my chain about it. I have noticed that most of the guys that do that only put about 1500 miles on there bikes all season and say "it's gonna hold its value better". NEWS FLASH I bought my bike to ride the piss out of it and by the time I'm done with it there will be nothing left worth selling . When that happens I will buy another jap bike and do the same. There are some that think it makes them a biker , but no matter what you ride there are bikers and there are motorcycle owners. Bikers ride'em and motorcycle owners brag about'em.


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I agree whole heartedly with HTMNKYLVE.
And besides, I paid just over 8 grand for my brand new metric,
compared to umm, ehh, 16-20 grand? no thanks.

Now 2010 V STAR 950 T
Former bikes were
1982 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
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I often wonder how your hard arse bikie gang members would react to a jap bike if a group of them on their Harley's pull up next to you at the lights, have never had to find out.
I have had mates riding along on metric cruisers and 1% have gone past them and kicked out at them but so far I haven't had the experience.
I'd say these hardcore bikers attitudes would be at the extreme end of what you are talking about
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I have found an attitude amoung many, I have pulled into a motel on a trip, be some Harley folks at the same time, I have spoke tryed to be freindly. I swear if it had been raining they would have drown! Ol Sugar Bear on a rice grinder, not worthy. Not all by any means, but with many.

Ride Safe, Live Long
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Here is a thread that was posted awhile ago on an American made motorcycle forum. It is a fictitious account, but you should have heard the cheering from the faithful. Hold your nose, here it is...

Countless has the Harley man rolled up to a hapless soul on an asian atrocity cycle at a stop. Even though they have run astray in their unpatriotic motorcle purchase he turns to acknowledge the rider as fellow American.

Yet to a manling they won't look, won't turn their fiberglass entombed head in his direction, pretending they don't know he's there. But what they don't know is that from great distance a Harley man's superior roadcraft has already brought him a view of their fulmer face eye port's dreading recognition of him in their mirrors.

But it's too late, they freeze, their deepest fear is becoming reality, a Harley man is pulling alongside. Their shoulders slouch in recognition, they halt the wheezy throttle blipping of their tinkertoy engine. Yet never have they left from the line first, preferring to hold the inferior position to the next stop. A stop short, as not to come into the proximity of the Harley man and his machine.

Many more times than not they have already beat a hasty left or right retreat with visions of the Harley man's leather boot kicking their asian atrocity cycle into the ditch, they have heard the rumors of such righteous acts before. Of no less concern is the fear that the thundering shockwaves from Milwaukee's finest iron will damage their third world pot metal and plastic atrocity cycle.

In the end they know. They know the order of motormen and motorcycle. And they know their place in it.


Nice huh?

Fat Strat
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I can see this thread getting a lot of attention. I always laugh at those that come up to me and my friend (05 Warrior) saying nice Harleys. Nope sorry. Just like HTMNKYLVE put it.....ride. Isnt that what it is about.
I can appreciate a great looking bike no matter who makes it. Someone told me it doesnt matter what you ride as long as you make it yours. I know a lot more Yamaha guys who personalize their bikes and take the time to understand the workings over the crew who own a Harley just to own a "HD". Drives me nuts to to talk to someone about their bike and they know nothing about it. My wife knows my bike...as to her it is my "other wife".
I guess in the end my 2 cents says...ride and enjoy...the wind you share is the same no matter what you ride

Guess it's time for me to ride
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"run astray on my unpatriotic motorcycle purchase" HMMMMMMMMMM....well my liner was assembled right here in the states by american workers and sold to me by an american owned dealership and the after market parts were purchased from a company right here in the good ole US of A. Oh yeah, the parts were delivered to me by an american guy who works for UPS. So I guess none of these things matter because the the company that designed and built this fine piece of machineries owner is of japanese decent I'm unpatriotic. GET THE(insert expletive of your choice)OUTTA HERE!!!!! Whoever wrote that thread originally should be tied to my rear fender and dragged down the road by my massive japanese torque machine.Oh yeah....this unpatriotic motorcycle buyer is also a member of the NRA.


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Originally Posted by itstime View Post
I guess in the end my 2 cents says...ride and enjoy...the wind you share is the same no matter what you ride
I totally agree. I've always said it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you're riding.

My step-dad's been riding for over 50 years, and has had Harleys for the last 20 or so. Right now he has a Road King, a gorgeous bike. He bought me my first bike for a high school graduation present. What was it? A used, '83 Virago 500. I've been riding that bike since '87 until this year, when my wife and I bought our V-Star 1100 Silverado (obviously I'm hooked on the reliability of Yamaha). When I sent pictures of the bike to my mom and him, they both thought it was absolutely beautiful, and my step-dad, Harley man who I've always admired and respected, said that we made a great choice.

I live in Wisconsin, home of Harley-Davidson, and of course there are plenty of the "faithful" around here. However, from my experience, the "anti-jap" ones are the minority. At work we have a designated employee motorcycle parking area. I've seen, at any one time, our V-Star, 2 crotch rockets, 2 Harleys, and a scooter all parked there. We all work in different departments, from Security, to MIS, to Beverage, to Poker, and everyone has the same thought...you're riding, that's what matters. I even recently had one of the MIS guys, who rides a Harley and was parked next to me, tell me that the two bikes complemented each other parked there.

We all love our rides, that's the bottom line. Japanese, American, Italian, English, etc....they all give us the same feel-good, kid-in-a-candy-store look on our face at the end of the day!

Ride safe, no matter what it is...

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Happy National Ride to Work Day!
I have never been "snubbbed" yet..
I am as red white and blue as they come. Patriotism comes from your heart.
A friend of mine said "you could have got a Harley for less than what you paid for that". True, but I got what I wanted and that is what matters to me. It feels great and I love to ride it. If my Star had Harley on the side of it, well I would ride it anyways. I also believe you get what you pay for.
Honestly, I have a weekness for two wheels and would probably ride anything, no name brand, walmart brand...you never know...yeehaa!
Love, love, love to ride

*StarStruck Girl*
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