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Just would like to get everyones feel on this topic. How many times have we seen the biker dude with ATGATT but his girlfriend is only wearing the bare necessities. Or the other riders that only wear a T-shirt and flip flops while riding.

I personally wear MOTGMOTT in the summer months and go ATGATT in the spring and fall. What about you all?

Ride safe and keep it shiny side up.

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A few things added and more stuff to follow
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My brother came off without proper gear and took the skin off one side. The nurses would scrub his wounds clean.....he was in agony. I don't ride without proper protection and I don't take a pillion without proper protection. It's just not worth it! I like my wife with skin thanks!

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Mostly in the summer I will exchange my jacket for a vest but I still wear all the rest of the stuff all the time.

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Originally Posted by Corsair View Post
What about you all?

Ride safe and keep it shiny side up.
Great question.

In my view, everyone should start riding on dirt bikes. You learn how to ride, the controls, what slipping feels like, how all sorts of situations ARE recoverable, get some falls in, etc. You also learn, first hand, just how important a helmet is...when your head hits the ground. How important boots are...when rocks are hitting your ankles. How important gloves are...when you are skidding, hands first, across the ground. Hips, shoulders, chest, all of it.

So, once you start riding street, you're not without experience. You're not totally knew to EVERYTHING and can focus more on the differences, weighting the inside, which you never do in the dirt, cars, road debris, pedestrians, pets, toys, suicidal kids, junk falling off work trucks, all that stuff.

Before long, you develop the confidence that street is NOT dirt where hitting the ground, or other stuff, is when, not if. Street becomes 'if' which becomes 'how do I reduce 'if'?

To me, 'if' amounts to what I call take offs and landings and curves. We can all ride straight all day. Street bike accidents are starting, stopping and curves. To me, those are ALL about proper technique and practice. And practice. And practice.

And that means the more your ride, the better. And this is where the points cross;

For me, ATGATT means LESS riding. It just does. I simply am not putting on boots and riding pants and riding jacket and gloves just to go get beer. Or parts. Or to the bank. Or to grab a few groceries. Or just to take a quick ride. If I hold myself to ATGATT, a LOT of short trips don't happen.

That's a LOT of stops and starts, take offs and landings, and curves I DON'T get in. A LOT.

1,000 miles for me is more like 50 trips of 20 miles or less. Really, its more like 100 trips around town.

1,000 miles, ATGATT, for most people, means the weekly ride and that means, what, 5 trips? Maybe 10? Less in some cases?

Clearly, 50-100 out and backs, parking lots, stop lights, 4 way stops, all of that, is FAR better for anyone's overall skill than 5 or 10 of those.

So, increased risk and much faster increase in practical skill and experience vs. somewhat reduced risk and much longer learning curve.

This is not for everybody. Just my view.

Further, guys like Keith Code point out there is no good place to have a motorcycle accident. That's all the gear or butt naked. So, again, I argue for what I think it gonna get me to being better at avoiding a wreck in the first place.

And another thing. When I ride in shorts and a t shirt and, yes, sometimes my Crocs, I am VERY aware of my mortality, my vulnerability. It doesn't make me scared. It just makes me stay IN the moment.

I gear up, man, for me, I know damn well I push it faster and harder, very much so. That, for sure, is also a skill enhancer but, it is also putting me closer to the edge.

I would never talk ANYONE out of ATGATT. If I ever go down, I want a pause button so I can totally gear up, plus some, before I hit. I just have my view and my reasons and my goal is to avoid needing the pause button in the first place in exchange for not having much gear on if, when, it happens. For a wreck that is gonna mess me up but, bad, regardless.

I mean, consider. Much better for a low side to be geared up. No doubt. What about hitting a guard rail? My head hits a post, I'm dead no matter what helmet I have on and, as for the other gear, my legs and back are still gonna break. So, I don't need a skin graft as well?

My focus is on skill, experience more so than gear and, for me, they don't go together.

Great question.
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Dress for the slide, not the ride.

That said. I wear my full face helmet 100% of the time, never rode without, never plan to
Jacket and gloves, boots are worn 80-90% of the time depending on the nature of the intended ride and weather. If its hot, sometimes a quick ride with a T shirt and (always) jeans feels great. But (I know I know) These are around town trips, seldom seeing 45mph, and NEVER freeway or aggressive leans.
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I will weight in and be on the other side of the coin I think. I ride with Jeans, Boots,riding specific glasses and leather vest 100% of the time. I wear a leather jacket only when it gets below 60 degrees as I am one to Sweat alot. I dont like the feel of gloves on the handlebars. I Wear a bandana or a welding cap on my head. If i am on highways or going over 55 I Wear a helmet ( skull helmet). I have Tried many helmets over the last 20 years. From the $700 crotch rocket racing specific helmets to the $30 helmet I have now. My feeling is the full face helmets are heavy, I feel you cant see nearly as well to the sides, My hearing or sense of hearing feels gone.

Now as for passengers on my bike (which is almost never) they Have to wear a jacket or vest and DOT approved helmet

Again this is a choice I make and the Original poster asked for what everyone else does..

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Originally Posted by Krazykayak75 View Post
Again this is a choice I make and the Original poster asked for what everyone else does..
Well your name is 'Krazy'.

Joking aside my friend, I don't push my beliefs on others. Do what makes you happy.

I'm with Corsair and wear MOTGMOTT (for any new folks wondering what the heck we are talking about, ATGATT = All of The Gear All of The Time and MOTGMOTT = Most of The Gear Most of The Time).

My first season I wore ATGATT without exception.
I still always wear leather boots (but that's easy b/c Doc Martin leather boots are my casual footwear of choice and I wear them anytime I'm not wearing a suit or shorts).

I always ride in denim (ok I rode in my suit once). Don't own leather pants or chaps, but I thought of getting them after a recent ride in below 50 degree weather). I'm planning on Sturgis in 2014 and I suppose I will pick up some leathers before that 1,000 mile ride.

I never ride without a helmet, but MO requires it and even when I cross into IL I keep it on. I grew up riding dirt on the farm and rarely rode without a helmet. I had a full face that I really loved due to an awesome custom paint job and Bluetooth system for tunes, but it was cut from my bike earlier this summer. I replaced it with a rather comfy 1/2 helmet and have worn it all summer, including a few long-distance highway rides. It was cold once, but even then I really love the 1/2 helmet experience.

I have a leather mesh jacket that is super light weight and works great for hot summer riding in the city, and I have a heavy Fieldsheer leather coat with liner that works great in the colder months. I have taken quite a few rides this summer with only a long sleeve shirt and even a T-shirt at times. These are generally quick 1-2 mile trips to morning coffee, lunch, etc.... BUT I have jumped on the highway a few times unplanned when dressed like this and considered the outcome should I go down ... Not good for sure.

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I've been tempted to try a half helmet or even a skull bucket since when in in my Ironhorse I just look out of place with a full face on but they just don't feel right. I've been wearing full face helmets since I started riding at age 9 or so. The weight doesn't bother me but I do notice it some days after a harsh trip to the gym I can especially feel the weight of the ff on my shoulders and traps.
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I believe in ATGATT but practice MOTTMOTT. I have a full face helmet, synthetic overpants and a very technical jacket (lots of zips and removable parts to make it work better in cooler/hotter weather). Mostly I gear up completely and then dump everything into my saddlebags when I get where I'm going (including a shoe change). It only takes me 5 mins to change at either end and I always allow some extra time to find parking anyway... A lot of my riding around here involves jumping onto a freeway for a few miles and I just don't feel comfortable without full protection at highway speed. Every now and then I do a short run to the supermarket or something and I go out in jeans without the overpants but it feels weird and a little uncomfortable.

Back in the day when I lived in Texas I tried riding without a helmet ONCE. Never again. I also had a few days that were so hot that I had to ride in thin jeans and a t-shirt (my old gear was waaaaaayyy too hot and designed for rainy weather) which prompted me to buy a full mesh armored jacket for hot weather. That jacket now hangs in the closet unused and unloved... just doesn't get hot enough here on the coast

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More to come when I save enough cash!
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I tend to ride with jeans, boots, t-shirt, gloves and a helmet in the summer. Add leather coat when it's 72 or below and over pants below 50. I've been down once and it wasn't fun picking gravel out of my arm and such, but I just can't stand the restriction or heat in summer. I'd like to find a half helmet if I could afford some decent prescription riding glasses, but for now I just lift the visor and lower the sun visor so I can feel the wind on my face.

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