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Calm Down About the Star Venture and Eluder

A lot of hyper boil going on about Yamaha and the Star Venture and Eluder.

Yamaha still has the Star Venture and Eluder on their web site, and if you would just do a search via zip code you would see they have plenty of 2018 bikes to sell.

Remember they were very late in getting the Star Venture and Eluder to market and they still produced the original number that they had targeted so that gave them a very shot window to move those bikes.

It sure doesn't help Yamaha when threads are made claiming the Star Venture and Eluder are discontinued.

You have to remember that the Star Venture is Yamaha's first full on touring bike in five years and the former model was more of a hang around than a serious attempt at competing in the touring bike market.

Yamaha built one heck of a nice touring motorcycle in the Star Venture and when enough people own them and post up positive reviews of them the sales will start to grow.

Another thing that has hampered the Star Venture are youtube reviews of people who know nothing about the Star Venture and immediately start complaining about it. I just watched a video a couple of days ago and outside of the very beginning of the video where the guy fuels it up and even did that wrong he complained about to many buttons and why did Yamaha make the fuel door open to the rear.

This guy pulled up to the pump with the pump on the left side which is correct, then he proceeds to stay on the motorcycle with a passenger on it as well and pulls the pump handle around to the right side of the motorcycle having to wrangle the nozzle and hose around the back side of the fuel door. This guy is lucky that nothing went wrong while refueling and he did not have a fire.

I posted the youtube video of the guy fueling the Harley while off the bike but left it running and he over fueled the tank and it caught on fire badly burning that man. That man later died by the way, don't know if the injuries from the fire had anything to do with his death or not but still the fire was bad enough.

So that Video who's title made it sound like a review of the motorcycle was really just a ride for a burger.

I think the cam lifter issue has been blown out of portion as well, so far we can only confirm one cam lifter failure and that one was documented with photos and has been fine ever since. The other two reports I have doubts on as neither one gives much information and no documentation showing they really had a failure. One of them just made a mention in passing claiming a failure at three thousand miles and the other one claims two failures but both times it is a short four sentence post with no details and a claim that he owns a Yamaha dealership but he no longer sells Yamaha motorcycles. Both of those last two are suspect with nothing to back up their claims.

So the truth is there has only been one verified cam lifter failure on this motorcycle. Compare that to Harley who has had a bunch of issues with their new Milwaukee Eight engines including engines completely failing.

Those who own this Star Venture all seem to be very pleased with this motorcycle, the only nay sayers are those who don't own it and those who rode a brand new one on a test ride and complained about engine heat. I have gone over the issue of engine heat and once you break in the engine engine heat is a non issue. I rarely ever feel any engine heat and I live and ride in hot, humid southwest Florida. I also have over 14,000 real world miles on this motorcycle.

Stay positive and encourage people about all the positives of this motorcycle and once the current inventory clears Yamaha will build more.
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I TOTALLY agree Sir!! In the end, if there is one thing the motorcycle touring world does not need it is one less egg in the basket of choices!
One of the things in the point you are making American that I actually am amazed with though is how much of the negative spin actually does seem to be coming from real world owners. Case in point, I have seen several comments made in different locations concerning a recent letter to current owners who inquired on and received notice from Star Yamaha stating: ""The Star Venture TC is taking a break for 2019. Hoping to see this model return to the line-up for 2020."" While I am sure those current owners who did receive that notice felt they were doing the right thing by sharing the notification openly and uncensored, without a suggested solution to the issue of why the models may not see a 2019 offering, in the end, those owners were actually doing the bikes a disservice (and possibly, as actual owners - also hurting their own cause).
Opinion sharing can be a dangerous thing. Unfortunately, because of the day and age we live in, with social media and all that, I highly doubt that asking people to not share things openly will ever be successful. I somehow think the best we can do is take corrective action (like you are doing) by calmly sharing our point of views while being respectful to others perspectives. After doing that, I think the next thing we can do is not fall into the same trap of being part of the problem instead of part of the solution.
As I have had time here at work, I have followed with interest the whole matter and have noticed that a lot of the issues seem to, agreeing with your opinion here, seem to come down to lack of sales and the numerous amount of left over 2018's setting at dealerships. In an effort to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, I have chosen to continue to monitor local discount dealership prices and online offerings of both the SVTC and the Eluder and then taking the time to post them up here as I find them. Doing this in an effort to assist Star Yamaha in exhausting the supply of existing bikes seems like the correct thing to do with hopes of seeing the model(s) have the future they deserve. What is your opinion of this approach?
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Nothing wrong with sharing prices, every manufacture cars and motorcycles discount end of year and over stock models.

I don't think the first, second and third generation owners did Yamaha any favors with their response to the new Star Venture, they all seem to be upset over one issue, Yamaha did not use the liquid cooled V-4, but Yamaha has already tried that route three times and it just did not pan out.

I know a certain first gen owner who made videos of the new Star Venture and all he really did was complain about the engine and wanting a liquid cooled V-4, yet that first gen owner never buys a new motorcycle, he only buys several year old to decades old models as he along with many other first, second and third gen owners have stated on another pay forum that they would never buy a new motorcycle as their price points are down in the $2,500 to at most $5,000 range.

So none of those prior owners are even on the radar to purchase one of these bikes anyway but their ride reviews and videos all were very uncomplimentary to this new Star Venture all because Yamaha did not use the liquid cooled V-4.

If current owners just report their real ownership experience of this motorcycle I think a lot of people would be enticed to purchase one.

In my case this is the first motorcycle I have not changed the seat on because if just works for me, the engines power stock with no modifications beats my 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour and 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited both of which had full stage one set ups, intakes, exhaust and tuners.

Ranking this 2018 Yamaha Star Venture with the 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited and the 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour I would rank them this way.

Technology being a factor:

1. 2018 Yamaha Star Venture

2. 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

3. 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour

The Victory did not have all the technology on it the other two motorcycle have so that explains why it is third.

Performance, comfort, maintenance overall ownership experience

1. 2018 Yamaha Star Venture

2. 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour

3. 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

The Yamaha just has more performance off the show room floor than the Victory and Harley, to even start to come close to the stock Yamaha Star Venture performance wise you have to spend a couple of thousand dollars doing full stage one upgrades and the Yamaha Star Venture still out performs the Victory and the Harley.

Comfort the Yamaha Star Venture is very comfortable and as I said this is the first motorcycle I have not changed the seat on. So again to approach the comfort of the Yamaha Star Venture you spend another five hundred to eight hundred dollars on a quality seat.

Maintenance I will give the Yamaha Star Venture and the Victory Cross Country Tour a tie on that one as both are shared sump systems that are easy to service with oil filters that are easy to reach and do not make a big mess when servicing. The Harley Davidson Ultra Limited has three sumps to change all taking three different fluids. You can use motor oil in all three sumps but in my experience that is not a good solution. The first oil change on my Harley Davidson Ultra Limited was at the dealer as it was the 500 mile service and they used their synthetic SYN3 oil in all three sumps. By the time it was ready for the next oil change at the 5,000 mile mark the primary was making all kinds of racket. So I went with the Redline power packs for Harley's that uses 20w-50 oil for the engine, uses Redline primary oil for the primary and used their transmission oil for the transmission and that worked far better stopping the primary from making a racket. The oil filter on the Harley is buried at the front of the engine and when you remove it it makes a mess, you can by a special funnel to try and catch the oil from the filter but even that does not catch all of it, some people use tin foil trying to catch the oil but regardless the Harley Davidson is the hardest to service because you have to remove the primary cover to add the new primary oil and it is messy no matter how hard you try to catch the oil from the oil filter.

Overall ownership experience the Yamaha is just a pleasure to ride, it has power, it handles like a motorcycle half its weight at speed, it is very well balanced making slow speed and parking lot speed easy to handle, when you are in a spot where it is hard to move the motorcycle you have the sure park system to back up and move forward with, rider and passenger comfort is the best I have ever had on a motorcycle and that includes my 1989 GL1500 Goldwing, 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour and 2016 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. I spent over two thousand dollars sorting out the rear suspension on the Harley settling on a set of JRI shocks that greatly improved the Harley ride, but it still only has three inches of suspension travel so both the Yamaha and the Victory are just better suspension systems and offer more rider/passenger comfort.

The 2018 Yamaha Star Venture is the ruby in a mountain of rocks when it comes to current motorcycle touring models.
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American, very good first hand comparison. You stated the good and not so good on each model as an owner. Thanks.
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2001 Vstar 1100 Classic (sold), Cobra Slash Cut full exhaust, Dropped 1 inch with lowering links, ORK, 4.5 inch handlebar risers, Ultimate passenger seat, Passenger pegs moved forward 4 inches, Handlebar clock, KN air filter, Viking saddlebags, Additional rear lighting
Loose nut "me" behind the bars
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I am a Harley owner and have a 2007 Electra Glide with 100000 miles on it. It has had it's moments but all in all it has done well... You kind of get used to the 3 hole changes but as far as overall, it has been a good bike...
Yamaha Venture has always been a nice and dependable bike, the new version looks great... I read a few reports and comparisons on the Rider magazines and online and made it a very nice contender... I sat on the Yamaha at the dealership and I was very impressed..Very nice ergos...I am not a die hard Harley guy but love mine... I never flinched at the idea of buying a Yamaha for my wife to ride and neither did she...
I am glad we have such a nice choice of big touring machines and that the Venture is one of them...
Thanks for posting.
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We had the privilage of having an SVTC for a weekend this past summer and, as is common with Japanese motorcycles, we were very impressed with the bike. Personally, as far as comparing it to the HD's we have ridden, excluding the quality of paint job/fit and finish (nobody paints like HD - I LOVE their finishes), the SVTC was definitely on top on all other categories. Knowing and having experienced that first hand, it leads me to wonder if there is not a lot more to the reasons that people buy/ride/stand by HD like they do than the tangibles. I personally know riders who have been worked over by HD on warranty stuff and different issues pretty badly but would still ride no other brand than HD, leading me to think the tangibles mean far less than name brand to many/most people operating/buying in the HD market.
Looking back at the now defunct Star V-Twin line when comparing them to comparable HD models it seemed like the only way Star was viable in sales numbers was when the bikes were discounted to the point of about 1/2 the price of the comparable HD models. Like the SVTC, I never really understood that as realistically, the Star was a far better bike - it just lacked the name HD, a point that seems to be applicable.
That being said, I can not help but wonder if, like other companies have failed to do in the past, Star Yamaha is still struggling with understanding the real reasons that the HD piece of the motorcycling pie is so big and that maybe, in the end, they will have to create their own market with something completely opposite of HD's offerings. Sort of like Honda did with this new Wing offering - now that bike is definitely on it's own pathway in a unique way and, even though it is not really competing in the HD circle - it does seem to be selling fairly well..
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One of the problems is the age of the rider that can afford to buy a bike that is $30000.00 as well.. The market can only support so many models within the category... Even Harley Davidson knows that and is struggling a bit right now...I sacrificed a lot to afford my $18000.00 electra Glide 11 years ago to have it... not, the same bike is $25000.00, Not a lot of younger riders with families can afford that...

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