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Carburetors 1 or 2. Bike shop or home?

I'm on an 05 1100 Silverado. It's Jetted with pipes and doesn't sit in the garage collecting dust. I ride it at least 40 miles a day. That's back and forth to work. The other day when on my way home, I twisted the throttle to FWO and let her climb. At about 80 it sputtered and sounded like it lost a cylinder. I know I have spark, I tested that with a timing light. But I still sound like it's. Only hitting on one cylinder. It sounds like its not getting fuel. Sounds the same way it would if it where out of fuel. So, I'm not all dumb. I know its probably trash in a carb but the question is 1 carb or 2. 1 (one) carb makes it easy. Drop the bowl like an old lawn mower, clean the bowl and ride. 2 carbs means syncing and if you dot know what your doing screwing things up good. So I ask you my two wheel endowed friends does my 2005, 1100. V Star have one carburetor or two. Thanks. People's.

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