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Vstar 1100 mpg

Just bought a 2006 1100 from a friend. So far I've hit reserve twice, both times at 110 miles. He rode it very gently compared to me and he said he always hit it at 110 also.

I've read a bunch of old threads on mpg and most report hitting reserve upward of 135 miles.

What could be causing such a difference?

Bike is all stock.

2006 V-Star 1100 Custom Dark Red with Silver flames
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I also have a 2006 V Star 1100. I'm right in the same ball park with you. I just hit reserve today at 114 miles. I'm always in the 40-45 mpg range. Bike runs great. I know I'm not as easy on the throttle as some. Don't worry, be happy. Ride on.

Forgot to mention that I have Cobra Slip On's, a Hypercharger and larger jets.

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I have an 06 that's all stock. Haven't had it long and just started riding long enough to run through a tank in a trip and need to worry about it. My first tank I went to reserve at 164 miles. Each subsequent tank has been in the 140 mile range. I'm thinking that first tank was either a mistake on my part or just some freak occurrence.

You say what mileage you hit reserve but didn't mention your mpg calculation. Could it be you are not filling the tank to its capacity. When I fill mine I let the pump click off then visually fill it all the way to the bottom of the filler neck inside the tank.

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For a stock bike that sounds really low. I have an intake and exhaust and still manage to average right around 130.....a little less in the summer because of evaporation when the sun hits the fuel tank. When my bike was stock I could do 150+.

Keep in mind that there are lots of things can contribute to fuel mileage, like wind, temps, terrain and riding style, etc. If you are riding above 1/2 throttle over 50% of the time that can contribute to low mileage.....like riding at 65-70 MPH in 4th for long periods. Also, has the fuel tank ever been dented? I've seen some pretty big bondo jobs that reduce tank capacity. With that said, every situation is a little different.

The most obvious things to check are plugs and carb tuning. when was the last time you synched the carbs? What size mains and pilots? Where is the PMS set at?

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Stock + bat-wing, running on 90% gas 40/42 mpg and running on 100% gas about 45/47 mpg.
This has stayed about the same over 28,000+ miles. Riding on a wind day I have had as little as 30mpg
which about left me on the side of the road.
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Ok, so the following will sound condescending, but I don't mean it to be.

Are you sure you're filling up the tank?

I ask bc after more than 10 years riding I finally figured out that I most likely never filled my tank completely. With my carb 650, it wasn't a problem. Just turn the reserve on. But with my new (to me) 950, I started getting pissed that the fuel light was coming on at 100 miles, sometimes sooner. Then I came to this forum and realized I've probably been under filling it (and my old bike) bc I just used to stop filling when the pump auto-off kicked in. Now I make sure to put gas all the way up to the holes in that inner ridge (dont know name for that). Now I get about 130 before the light comes on. Much better.

To many, this seems so trivial that I'm insulting everyone by writing this, but it really was like the clouds opened up, heaven shone down on me, and cherubs sang hallelujah. Not to understate it
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I've just passed the 1000 mile mark on a 950T I bought new last week and found that I wasn't filling up. I found that even though I filled to the bottom of the neck, I could get another .3 gallons in it and it still was at the bottom of the neck. How did I find out? I hit reserve about a tenth of a mile before the gas station and filled up. It held 3.1 gallons. If my tank is 4.4 and reserve is .9 then there was another .4 gallons missing. So I slowly added fuel until the fuel stopped dropping below the neck. That tank (yesterday) lasted me till 205 miles indicated before reserve. GPS said it was 200 miles. For those of you counting and see I'm still not accounting for another .1 gallon, I figure that small amount could be the way it was leaning at that particular pump.

Larry (2014 950 Tour)
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205? Go you. I only managed to get it to 135. Looks like I've got a little room in the tank for more.

My friend rides a Rocket III and the kickstand keeps his more vertical, so he sits on the bike and fills up. It's a little clumsier for me to lift the bike, balance it between my legs, and fill up while straddling it. If I have a buddy with me, they'll assist. Otherwise, I just fill up as much as possible without spilling. I know when it goes upright, the fuel will fit.

Lemme tell you though, before I was aware of under filling, I thought the vstar was lame for only going 100 on a tank. Nah, it was just user error.

Also, having a carb bike allows you to have a reserve. Never thought I'd miss my 650, but when it comes to calculating mpg and running on empty, I wish I still had it.
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The mpg calculates out to 36. This is what really got me thinking it was lower than normal. Possible I'm not filling enough, but I do fill slowly until it cover the holes in the filler neck.

Po just paid for a complete tune up including valve adj. and new plugs. I'm not sure about carb syncing. Jets and mains should be stock. Not sure what pms is...well not motorcycle relate anyways.

Sounds like maybe I could fill it a little more because I also am hitting reserve at about 3.1 gallons. Maybe that's the key.

Another question arises... Should I fill it on the kickstand? That would make it hold more, right?

2006 V-Star 1100 Custom Dark Red with Silver flames
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Talking mpg

Ok I'll put my 2 cents in.got a 04 1100 2 years ago. My average hyw.speed is 60.ya when I'm on my scooter I am no hurry to get anywhere. I average 165 before I hit reserve.i have squeezed out 170 but average 165.dont know if you know duck but when you fill your tank put bike on kickstand so bike leans left as far as possible to get as much gas in as you can. Fill to the bottom of the neck I have gone past by o maybe 1\2inch or so by accident it was ok.
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