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Originally Posted by Rolstar View Post
There are 3 sections to these pipes. You can gut them out 1 at a time, tricky. Recommend going to ebay and get a set to work on. I got a set reasonable, take- offs from an 01' that had no cat. conv., makes a difference. Get a hole saw larger than the inside pipe and cut around the outer dia. then work the internal pipe out, can be a pain, but comes out. A ways in you will see a baffle with 3 holes in it now that the pipe is out of it. I left my baffle in. you can go further.You don't have to jet the carbs to do this but I did, WOW! I can get better details if you need them. I expect the pipes are similar to US ones. Rol
Thanks Linerdave this is really helpful. I am keen to see how it goes. Happy riding
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