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Originally Posted by HTMNKYLVE View Post
as long as there is no linkage and it has mid controls you just REMOVE(the shaft has a groove in it) the screw that tightens the shifter to the input shaft and slide the shift lever off the shaft , slide it back on in different position. you might have to try it a couple of times to get the position just right for you. If it has forward controls then it has a turnbuckle style linkage and you just loosen the nuts at each end of the linkage and turn it until it is adjusted where you want it and tighten the nuts back up.
Yip, there's a little 2" stub with splines on it that sticks out the side of the engine, and a clamp type thing on that with a 10mm bolt holding it tightly clamped. Loosen out this bolt so you can slide off the clamp rotate it by 1 spline (makes a big difference) and put it back on again. Tighten up the 10mm bolt to just hand-wrench-tight and it should be good.
The gap in the clamp should be lined up with a little dot that was punched into the end of the 2" shift shaft stub.

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