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Quick lighting question

Hi everyone,
I am a new owner of the 2008 Warrior. I am not happy with the factory lighting, and I was thinking of the best way to fix this.
I know that Daymakers are nice, at least that's what folks on HD forums say. I am not sure, whether Daymakers are worth their money. I was looking at the LED ones with black housing ( Is that a good idea to pay that much for the light? Or you think it will be enough to pick one of the nice Daymaker alternatives? I know there are $30 round lights on Amazon and e-bay which I do not plan on dealing with. I consider lights that have CAN-bus module and load resistor, just to be sure that my electric system won't go nuts. Just an example of what I feel may work - But before I go and spend money, I wanted to ask you folks tell me, whether it is a good idea to install LEDs at all?
Thanks for any help/comments.
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