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As far as I can tell, the warrior uses a custom headlight assymbly much like my 950. So those generic 7" daymakers will not fit, without a LOT of work, or replacing the headlight bucket with a standard 7" one.

As far as cheap alternatives to the HD daymaker, some are good and a lot of them are not. You just have to research reviews and locate exact models that are good. Normally the issue is the rate the lights on the MAX amount of light the leds install can produce, not how much they produce based on what power level they are running the voltage regulator at, how well and long the voltage regulator lasts before it dies, and how good the heatsinks are to keep the led cool (the led light output goes down when it gets hot).

There is no need for CAN-bus or loadresistors for headlight on any of these bikes (only bmw uses them that I know of)
Load resistors for turn signals if you don't want to mess with things too much but nothing else needs them.
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