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Yep. V twin. A side view shows a pipe from the front going down to the muffler and a pipe from the rear also going down, as is normal.

Closer inspection however, and it'll take a close inspection, shows that the rear "pipe" doesn't even contact the head. Its a fake. The real exhaust pipe from the rear cylinder is a small pipe going directly down, hidden from view by the outside world. It connects up with the goats belly (or whatever Star calls it) that then connects into the rear cylinder's muffler. You can hold the visible rear exhaust pipe with you hands all day long while its running and it'll never heat up because the exhaust gases never flow inside it.

So from the rear, you do have exhaust coming from both pipes.

I just wonder why this setup when it'd be just as easy to actually have the rear pipe act just as the front pipe.
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