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  1. "Navigation not ready"
  2. Communications
  3. SVTC Warranty Coverage Update
  4. GPS Route Planning Website
  5. Be glad you chose Yamaha..and not an HD M8!
  6. Paint Chip
  7. Strapping Down STVC
  8. Traded Daisy in
  9. My latest Mod
  10. Y.M.C. Blank USB Flash drive in the mail today...
  11. SV/Eluder optional driving lights
  12. Warning - GPS Issue
  13. Question for SVTC owners
  14. Oil and large bore V-Twins...short 'n sweet...
  15. Flashing Brake Light Module
  16. GPS Routing with 50+ Waypoints
  17. Missing fasteners, dang dealers.
  18. Cecil B. Demille...or just C.B.'ing...
  19. 2020 Venture
  20. Fuel Readings
  21. 4,000 Mile Trip
  22. Snuck onto the Forum, to impart two topics... :)
  23. Dumped it!
  24. Brand new Venture Leaking Oil
  25. Almost broke down.
  26. Backup Camera
  27. 16,000 mile surprise.
  28. Bar Ends
  29. Oil Filter
  30. 16K Valve check
  31. Rivco Products
  32. Word Of Caution
  33. Volume settings Headset vs. SVTC speakers.
  34. Belt Drive Tension
  35. Head Set and Mapping
  36. Grip Protectors
  37. Lower cowling vs. road debris.
  38. Spark plug change
  39. Navigation
  40. Bluetooth Pairing Issue (Android)
  41. Venture/Eluder tire life
  42. Darksiding SVTC
  43. 20k miles and running like a top!
  44. Bike eating itself?
  45. Some Musings About The SVTC
  46. Customization .. Making the bike “YOURS”.
  47. Great SVTC review!
  48. To all those that are married, and to those that might be...
  49. Real owners...are they on this forum?
  50. Monthly Mileage
  51. EZ Pass Location
  52. Not waiting for a usable Navigation Update...
  53. An open letter and commentary to Tony (Chief)
  54. How's The Seat?
  55. MPG Backwards?
  56. OK, I give up
  57. Trunk and Saddle Bag lights
  58. Just showing her off a bit.
  59. Bleed valve?
  60. Y.E.S. Certificate
  61. Adjusting Belt Drive
  62. Remote battery life
  63. Happy 50th Birthday!
  64. 16,000 Mile Cost +
  65. Valve Clearance Check, Valves All Within Clearance No Adjustment Needed
  66. 35,000 miles on Long Haul Paul's SVTC...
  67. Exhaust sound clips Star Venture V-Twin
  68. Upset and not sure what to do blown motor svtc
  69. Warning Important Information
  70. Yamaha Star Venture Service Manual
  71. Just how small is the valve/tappet tolerance on the 1854 cc V-Twin?
  72. Show Chrome Accessories Tapered Seat Bolt
  73. Oil Change, Correct Procedure Explained
  74. Correct spec for valve clearance 1854 cc V-Twin
  75. 2020 svtc announced in canada!
  76. Six of one, half dozen of the other....
  77. Pulling a trailer
  78. Because we need to remove our saddles for oil changes....
  79. Merry Christmas
  80. New horn
  81. Calm Down About the Star Venture and Eluder
  82. TC package install question.
  83. Sissy bar / Backrest
  84. And those prices continue to tumble!!
  85. And yet another person thinking Eluder!!
  86. Dealers talk about the 2018 SVTC/Eluder Marketing...
  87. Eluder GT question
  88. Closed deal on a Granite Gray beauty today.
  89. International Motorcycle Show in NYC! Anyone going?
  90. How important is dealer servicing?
  91. OMG! Break out the Champagne! BIG NEWS!
  92. I just discovered a very unique comparison between the old and new!
  93. Happy Thanksgiving
  94. Video discussing my Star Ventures Blackstone Oil Reports
  95. A recommended read...adjusting valve clearance
  96. Ling Haul Paul puts “Transcontinental” to the test.
  97. How to find tune the grip and seat heaters Star Venture
  98. While we're waiting for the 2020>
  99. Video showing some of the menus in the infotainment system
  100. Corbin Backrest/Armrest
  101. Why the Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental is not over priced.
  102. Star Venture Engine Heat Discussion
  103. Information on the flat tappet cam and valve system
  104. Anyone change the bars?
  105. Let me introduce, the one model year, wonder, lol---->
  106. Blackstone Laboratories Used Oil Report 4000 Mile Run
  107. The 2019 SVTC revealed...
  108. Svtc rear tire alternative to oem
  109. Video showing how the Star Venture Trunk Lid opens
  110. Trunk Space for Full Face Helmet Fit
  111. Heads up ordering valve cover gaskets
  112. ? for those who do their own service
  113. How to set the clock video Transcontinental
  114. Air stream on knees
  115. Battery Tender, green light 'float'...
  116. Passenger Pegs
  117. Gotta Take her in
  118. Sooner or later I guess it can happen (and did)
  119. Another good SVTC FYI from Bill (American)
  120. Storage space available
  121. 2018 Yamaha Star Venture Infotainment System Sound Quality
  122. Electric windshield controls fuel tank buttons and infotainment control stock buttons
  123. Short video showing some bolts to check for tightness
  124. 11,080 miles and fuel mileage results
  125. Location of three oil drain plugs and motorcycle jack placement and use
  126. Sure Park System
  127. 3M Clear Film Paint Protection
  128. How to turn the Key FOB on and off
  129. Seat Heater Controls
  130. Gps
  131. Pandora/Internet Issue Fix
  132. C.B. usage with the SVTC '18
  133. Correct Oil Change Procedure
  134. Trunk and saddlebag to dark
  135. Turn signal
  136. Brake wiring
  137. Cup Holder
  138. The four 14 mm Fender/back end bolts...
  139. Navigation issue!!!
  140. The dark side of 'Dark Siding'.....caution....
  141. Emergency start
  142. ...a long break in...or just a sense of it...
  143. IMC Headset
  144. ...a HUGE misconception...huge...but now a correction---->
  145. Just about 'der....
  146. Zeroing in on the Venture
  147. Back in the saddle!
  148. Engine/Exhaust Temps
  149. SVTC key question
  150. Eluder Price
  151. A few Pics
  152. "ah..American (Bill) check out this usage report...
  153. I finally slowed down and smelled the exhaust.
  154. DROPPED SVTC - No Worries!
  155. 2018 SVTC vs 08 Wing
  156. The story about a man, named Jed, or critical oil brands...
  157. Lot's of left over '18's in Canada and GREAT deals! Anyone ever "import" one to U.S.?
  158. Long Haul Paul...first damage on new SVTC from 'Gator'!
  159. The 'Economy Factor'...
  160. 1985 Venture cheap!
  161. Navi issues
  162. Another weekend upon Charlotte's saddle...
  163. New svtc owner
  164. LongHaul Paul answers SPONSORSHIP question!
  165. GREAT deal's are blooming!!! Anyone else see this?
  166. Couple of infotainment questions
  167. Possibly related to the same SVTC engine problems others have reported?
  168. Long Haul Paul 1684 miles in 28 hrs straight!
  169. Trailer Hitch
  170. Accessoies
  171. Harley Davidson Headset Works
  172. Go to the bathroom before viewing this vid!
  173. Unlocking Trunk
  174. Has anyone seen American (Bill)?
  175. Long Haul Paul buys SVTC!
  176. So when is the updated Power Head software coming?
  177. New Dunlop D423 ON SALE
  178. NEW Power Commander Performance time for SVTC
  179. Reset Average Mileage
  180. Another SVTC owner
  181. Backfiring
  182. Turn on headsets
  183. Day 7...
  184. New name and why
  185. The miles are being applied like butter to bread...
  186. I think it is time
  187. Dunlop now puts out the D423 rear tire
  188. USB passenger port
  189. Cup holder thoughts
  190. 750 mile 2-up break in run.
  191. Cruise control stop working
  192. I finally placed that SVTC 'thrum'...where I heard it before!
  193. Another refugee from the "other" forum
  194. I got one!
  195. A Yamaha Dealer that knows his 'you know what!'
  196. Yamaha Star Venture V-Twin Oil Information
  197. Plastic and Rubber protectant?
  198. Manufacture Date
  199. Another nice feature on the Star Venture
  200. SVTC exhaust mod
  201. Comments On Your New Venture/Eluder
  202. Whatcha Got?
  203. Seems the anti Star Venture crowd has been wrong about this bike
  204. The SVTC is making waves in the cycling world!
  205. For the curious - svtc first ride review
  206. owners GO! Elude, the stresses of life...and ride!
  207. 2018 Star Venture Air Filter
  208. Transcontinental First Ride Impressions
  209. This SVTC/ELUDER forum is way too much fun...
  210. What happens between Touring & Sport Mode
  211. Second Venture Test Ride Questions.
  212. Yamaha explains the many reasons for going with a V-Twin, and not the V-4
  213. First service
  214. Ride on the Tail of the Dragon
  215. SVTC Quirks & Oddities
  216. 2018 Yamaha Star Venture V-Twin What Oil Are You Using And Your Results
  217. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report
  218. Another 'borrowed' post by a 'first ride home' SVTC owner...
  219. Road trip update
  220. SVTC Harman Kardon major Navigation Bug...
  221. Dealer Lied
  222. Svtc engine mods
  223. Yamana USB card 'Journey Further'...
  224. Saddle bag lock stuck
  225. Miracle cure for clear coat scratches!
  226. New TC/Eluder Aftermarket Accessories
  227. I might have been SVTC'less an hour ago...might have...
  228. NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
  229. What Helmet Do You Use With Your Yamaha Star Venture?
  230. Here is a long review of the Yamaha Star Venture from Texas
  231. The story behind Harman Kardon/ Yamaha Corp interaction:
  232. Charlotte (my SVTC) has a nickname....
  233. Svtc valve job update
  234. New goldwing issue
  235. Overall Fuel Mileage 2018 Yamaha Star Venture
  236. 08 Wing to 18 Venture
  237. not so good vibrations
  238. Saddlebag lid rubber bumpers
  239. BTW, Bill (American), I'd say this forum, "has come alive:". Good on you!
  240. Got my Yamaha tall heated backrest this morning
  241. A couple of thoughts
  242. At 3,345,893.2 F, this coming weekend....
  243. No Eluder riders?!?!?
  244. I can't win for losing
  245. Purchase decision for future tire changes
  246. How to track down a squeak on touring bike
  247. 2018 Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental Tire Wear Predictions
  248. Workings behind the SVTC and Raider Slipper Clutch
  249. Ventureriders forum deletes
  250. A 'borrowed' posting...