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  • Woody68 ·
    hi annie, i subscribed to the vstar thread but i think its not activated. Can you help so i can ask some help please? or point me to somewhere i can find a rear wheel bearing set for a 2012 950 that wont cost me my third child?
    123danchoi ·
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    hainhung20156 ·
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    KW1M ·

    Almost fellow Massholer here... I live in Concord, NH but work in Chelmsford, MA. Would like to ride to work, but the car seems scary enough down the Rt3 corridor.

    Can't wait for Wed too -- hoping to get home early enough to go for a spin!

    swfly ·
    your jacket is shipped and an email will follow from paypal with the tracking number. your expected delivery date is saturday with the post office. thank you an enjoy it.
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