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  • patrickdk ·
    I was wondering if I could get a copy of the 950 service manual also. Thanks.
    I have a vstar 950 2012, going be doing a lot of work on it, and could use the electrical diagrams currently.
    cmbess13 ·
    I have recently bought a 2015 V star 950 Tourer. I am about to purchase the V&H big radius 2 into 2 and have no idea what the best intake and fuel management system to couple with the new exhaust. I'm sure this has been covered countless times but thank you in advance for your time and help.
    bevo1981 ·
    click on the yellow icon at the top of the message box and paste in the photo's URL. you'll probably have to first right-click on the photo you find online, then select view image to get its URL
    SuzanOB ·
    Hi, me again. I figured out how to post a new thread finally, still learning the navigation. Thanks
    SuzanOB ·
    Hi Bevo. At the risk of seeming like a total idiot, how do I start an inquiry thread in the topics section. I am in pretty desperate need of some tech help and I am at a total loss as to how to make it any kind of a post here. Help please.
    bevo1981 ·
    i thought it already had, but i checked and don't see his bike in any contest over the past 3 years. thanks for the oversight.
    mazeofmystery ·
    Hey Bevo!
    I see you on here and your post count tells me you may know the answer:
    Who owns this forum?
    As you may know, I am trying to design a patch, but I only want to get serious about it
    if I can get the okay from the owner.
    Would you be able to let me know? Thanks!
    tigrzeye ·
    Hey Bevo, I have a lot of pages and other areas on the forum not loading or not loading properly. If I click on a thread it just never loads or the page looks just plain weird. Just an FYI , but it has been doing it all afternoon. Thanks Tigrzeye
    zag ·
    Hey man.. Just re-registered here cuz forgot email/id after 2 yrs.
    And dang.. you are a mod here and a super one.. lol.

    Boob ·
    Bevo I need to know where u cut the front light mounting bracket. I'm removing the turn signals but need to keep the headlight obviously.... Can't find that post/pic
    Turki985 ·
    Dear I just bought a progressive lowering kit, I want to lower my v star 1100 08.
    Can you help me in that?
    Should I remove the fork or I can do it without removing?
    Comet Racing Leathers ·
    Seeing you are the biggest user thought I would ask you -I'm thinking about offering a group buy on custom leather suits one and two piece plus custom cruising jackets kevlar jeans -etc any advice on the best way I might do this? I'm willing to offer a sample out or send video of course I would make the price right as long as I got some product reviews posted -I would be interested in your thoughts or advice-thanks Karl
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