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  • SparkyD ·
    Hello Boss, I'm having trouble changing my Avatar. When i try to upload a new pic it says i am limited to 32 kb picture. I've looked thru all my pics including the ones i already have in the forum and there are no pics that small. Can you point me in the right direction?
    bevo1981 ·

    must post at least once in the introductions thread before gaining ability to post elsewhere on the forums. (sometimes it may take up to 45 minutes after your post before your permissions are granted to post in other areas of the forum.)
    jefromvegas ·
    Hi just posted up for BOTM -before I saw you were already voting for July.
    Toss mine in for Aug I guess.
    Drop me a message if thats AOK
    memorex ·
    With all due respect:
    "... if i'm doing a drill that causes me to lose control of my bike, then that could be a very costly learning experience. and if you rip up your clothes during a martial arts session, not so costly..."
    People got broken arms and legs during my martial arts training.
    Proudest day of my MA experience was the day I got knocked on my arse in front of Chuck Norris.
    My roundhouse kick to my opponents's forehead vs his sweep that knocked me off my feet.
    Judges turned to Sensei Norris to decide who had made first contact.
    He pointed to me.
    The guy I had just defeated on points helped me up.

    Years later, Chuck laughed about that, but I am still proud I got knocked on my arse in front of Chuck Norris.
    Aussielad ·
    G'day Bevo.

    On your thread 950 two years in the making in the V Star forum I put down some info on how I dyed synthetic leather. Not sure whether you've seen it, hope it helps.
    jefromvegas ·

    Go over to 1300tourer.com and take a look at the western saddle seat someone just put up 3 hrs ago. definitely will fit your new motif, if the rest of your bike dovetails into what I "think" it's going to look like.

    Easier to send a message than to copied and upload a photo to you

    fretso ·
    bevo1981 i have posted what may seem to be a rude comment on the strato thread.it is however an attempt to challenge thought and to get a responce in terms of performance potential of what i think is an excellent motor
    fretso ·
    hey bevo i have recently bougt a 2006 strato with 10000 miles front end was wrecked and was thinking of putting a wide glide front end on it have a machinist who till make inserts from 46 mm ri 41 mm with the top harly taper any one else here ever done this. i cant seem to make a new thred sdont have permiission
    Lady D ·
    WOW, that's awesome. Do you have any control over the weather, cuz if you could make all the snow here go away that would be good! It's going to be at least 3 more months b4 riding season around here.............
    bevo1981 ·
    Vance and Hines Big Radius 2-into-2. they only come in chrome for the 950 so i had a shop strip the chrome and coat them in black ceramic. besides the looks, it helps the engine run cooler and you will not burn your leg or melt any clothing on them. the black out job only cost $200 and worth every penny
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