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  • BayouBill ·
    I'm a new member and I'm trying to post a question in the Roadstar section but I keep getting "you're not authorized" can you help me please ...
    Corsair, you are way of with your descri.
    Try 09 xvs1300 classic w/Memphis shades batwing,Roadburner velocity pro exhaust,
    cobra powerflo intake,cobra highway bars, cobra backrest and rear rack, star passenger
    footboards,and cobra FI2000R closed loop tuner.
    bought bike with 26miles on it from dealer as a new holdover.
    [Bike was bare when bought, installed all accessories myself.
    So far about 800 miles on odo. really like this bike
    Corsair ·
    Dragon, you should be able to post now. There's a lag between your first post and your ability to post afterwards. This is usually around 45 mins or so.
    Dragon ·
    Trying to post a comment, and or create a new post but Im only allowed to edit posts that I don't have any ability to create in the first place... Needing Help Please & Thank You!
    rhino ·
    I have 2005 silverado 1700 the handle bars have been changed. Will after market fairing still fit or will this stop me from getting a fairing.

    beercan67 ·
    Hello!!!! Just started my 2000 Roadstar Silverado for the first time in 6 months and that beautiful sounding compression out of those stock pipes is second to none. I'm having a brain fart... I did the oil myself last year and saved 60 bucks. What I can't recall was whether I dumped 2 or 3 quarts in to the top of the crank case. I know that I read to use 4 total, but I can't remember if it was 3 in the case and 1 through the dipstick. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Kyle from Milwaukee
    Max06362 ·
    Good afternoon! I was trying to post a mustang seat that I have for sale for a vstar950 but it won't allow me to. Can you tell me what I need to do in order to do it?
    Thank you!
    Corsair ·
    Rmichmer, I'm not very knowledgeable on the 1300 so what I would say would be a SWAG. I encourage you to join our forum and ask your question there. There's a great amount of folks there that will chime in and give you a better answer than what I could offer in this instance. Hope to see you soon on the forum.
    Rmichmer ·
    Well,, here's the deal,, i watched a u tube video on how to drill out the exhaust on a 1300 V star to make a deeper sound,, i did it and what a lot of problems i have had since then,,, it smells, runs very poorly, and then some said i had to replace the drilled out muffler with a new one,,, anyone shed some information on this problem
    olskool53 ·
    Hello New member here and I cany post or reply? I did reply to the email link and got confirmation I was verified?
    Corsair ·
    DC, I think that your steeler is jerking you around. I'm not sure about the laws in the US but here in Canada, unless the tire is grossly over the recommended size (dark side) most will install it especially if you purchased at their shop.

    A few questions, why did you not post an intro in the new member forum and then post your question in the wheel and tire forum? I am more than happy to try and answer your question but the force is in the forum ;)
    dcmarine1 ·
    Am i permitted to post on this forum page? I have an 07 V-star 1300 and went in for a tire change today. I bought the tire through the dealership parts department, for a size that is one size larger than mfg specs. It has been the same tire a previous dealer installed years ago. Dealer calls for a 170-70-16, I run a 180-70-16 and the service department refuses to install it. Is there a LAW forbidding this ? That is what he is claiming....
    Corsair ·
    Hi Ray, Vintage Wings is a non profit org that has an extensive collection of warbirds, both training and fighters. I to have served as an aircraft mechanic; started on transport then fighters changed to tac helo's and now I am a qualified AME (A+P mech) in Canada. What jet did you work on? You can go and vivit the website at vintagewings.ca
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