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    I went to one of the dealers in the area that had a demo day for the venture and spoke to a few of the corp guys about the nav sys issue. The issue is after speaking with them they called their tech guy and found a software glich. They are going to have a new update developed this week and hopefully this will fix it. I will keep everyone posted.
    What was funny was I showed up and started to ask questions and then asked about the nav sys. They walk me over to the bike they had I turned it on and then went the nav system and it had the same issue. Lucky me. The Yamaha guy said it wasn't that way the other day I said neither was mine. Hehehe. So I hope this help them solve the issue very soon.
    So moral of the story if you buy this new Don't let them update the nav to the new software until they look to see if there was a fix. So if you buy anytime between now and next week check on the software because if the dealer updates the version if will look up the nav until the fix???
    GARider ·
    Everyone I bought the venture this past Saturday and already have 200 miles on it. Rides great.
    The only issue I have is the Nav system states not ready something I am trying to looking into but it looks like a trip to the dealer.
    Not sure if it was some setting I selected because it worked for the first few days and stopped after I made a few new settings. I put or I think I put the settings back but apparently not. Anyway so far smooth powerful ride. I love the looks. It doesn't have as much storage in the saddles as the Vulcan Voyger but has plenty of room in the actual trunk. Also it doesn't have a engine temperature gauge or at least I haven't found it yet might be an engine light on the dash. The heated seats and grips get really hot on high. Anyway sorry for jumping around, I will post more when I can.
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