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  • Mr Kamikaze ·

    I was just looking at an old post and saw your stats on your '07 Stratoliner. Would you have any pics showing the 21 inch front wheel and 200 rear tire? I trying to decide whether to mod mine or get a new bike.
    StarBiker ·
    Hello hdeater113,

    Thanks so much for your replay. I looked at the tsukayu.com website, and it seems to me that you had either the "Strong" or the "Jumbo Strong" hardbags with Embeded LED Turn Signals on your white 650 Classic. What confuses me, is that the bags on your bike had the hinge on the side, whereas the bags on tsukayu.com have the hinge on the front. Did you relocate the hinge? Which model of bags from tsukayu.com did you have on your bike? Did you have to change the exhaust pipes to fit the bags on the bike? Please, let me know.

    I am also interested in the curved license frame that you had on that bike. Which one is it?

    By the way, what kind of bike did you get for the wife to keep up with the liner? I'm curious.

    Thanks in advance for your attention and any information you can provide.

    Best regards,

    StarBiker ·
    Hello hdeater113, I saw a picture of your wife's 2002 650 classic in the thread "2011 BIKE OF THE YEAR VOTING - 2nd set". It is a beautiful bike! I love the white color with the grey flames on. Love the tail light, the curved license frame and the hard saddlebags too. Where can I find those accessories? Please, let me know.
    SparkyD ·
    Dear Mr. Moderator, i am trying to create an photo album with 'work pics' of my bike. For some reason i am unable to upload photos. It won't even give me the option of uploading a pic. What am i doing wrong?
    SparkyD ·
    Kurt? What's with this new moderator thing? I wouldn't be so curious if you hadn't all but disapeared after the anouncement. If it's true then . . . congrats and good luck!
    BOB Z ·
    hdeater113;does it make filling the tank more difficult,trying to look in to the full line.also will the k&n filter make a difference if i don't do the air box mod. thanks BOB Z
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