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  • hainhung20156 ·
    Học kế toán xây lắp ở đâu uy tín
    Học kế toán excel cấp tốc uy tín
    cho người chưa biết kế toán uy t
    Học kế toán tại Cần Thơ
    Học kế toán ở Lê Trọng Tấn
    Học kế toán tại Cầu Giấy
    hoc ke toan tai thu duc
    danchoi123 ·
    chúng trung tam day ke toan tai thanh xuan về công việc
    ợc chung dịch vụ làm báo cáo tài chính tại gia lâm tài chính kế toán.
    tay gánh vác trung tam dao tao ke toan tai ha dong Với đội ngũ
    tay gánh vác lap bang bao cao ket qua kinh doanh Với đội ngũ
    và là người dich vu lam ke toan noi bo tai bac ninh kế toán trưởng
    bạn đồng hành dich vu ke toan tai tphcm , chuyên gia kế
    với các bạn học kế toán ở đâu tốt nhất toán có chuyên
    SparkyD ·
    Let's wait and see if it fixes the problem first. I try not to be a pessimist. Let's make sure we fix the problem first my friend :D
    tobor ·
    Hey Jarhead did you ever get those floor boards on and how do you like them? I'm 6'2" and so far I fit pretty good if you can't use your bars and would like to sell them let me know. Things are tight right now so I can't afford new ones but if you are going to sell them for a good price just maybe! I have an 04 1100 classic
    Aussielad ·
    G'Day Mate, I was reading your visitor message this morning before I went to work, have just come to answer it now and it's gone, I must have done something wrong. I remember you were asking about the jackets website. I had a look at the site. Love the gear but am broke at the moment. I'll have to order a good size when I do as I'm about 6' 3" and resemble a bear. I said to Springer if I were to get a leather jacket, they'd probably have to kill a herd to fit me!
    All the best.
    Aussielad ·
    G'Day Jarhead.
    Meant to intro myself a while back, names Glen. Privilage to meet a former US Marine, as your reputation is highly respected here. I'm getting older now but long time ago served as infantry support (signals) rifleman, Australian Infantry and then into Law Enforcement (also retired). I've been enjoying the forum, plenty of laughs which is what it's all about and good info. Anyway mate, look forward to catching up with you on the forum.
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