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  • 2thpic ·
    hay ken, question what size ape hangers are you running on your star?
    and do you have any progress pic of the install.
    I'm looking at getting some 10" apes for my star 1100.
    Ken448 ·
    Yup.. I started with Cobra Slip ons then found a smokin deal on the HK on eBay. Got them used. Installed them and the bike REALLY woke up. But then I thought they were a bit loud. So I picked up a set of Smart Partz Silencers that "dont affect performance" MY A$$! LOL. Now, I run with them in stock (baffled) form and love the sound. I also ride an AIH Stalker with a S&S 107 motor. My V Star is louder while riding, surprisingly.
    Michael ·
    Thanks Ken. My grandson has 2.75"s on his bike. Sounds great. His dad got overly hasty and trying to save a few $ put 2.5" Cobra drags on his. Sounded tinny and cheap so he took them off and returned them. He was lucky that they took them back, but the mis-adventure still set him back plenty in two-way postage.
    Michael ·
    Hey Ken,
    Nice sounding pipes. I'll pass your video on to my son-in-law who's looking for new pipes on his bike. Are yours the 2.5" or 2.75"?
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