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  • MacVstar1100 ·
    Very happy with the storage capacity of the bags and the trunk so I would not consider going to the jumbo bags. With the V-star beg you do not have the choice for the position of the bags but the factory position does not present any issue (even though I have passenger floorboard on my bike). As far as the extra work, it is worth it and the bags look real good with the 2 tone paint.
    MacVstar1100 ·
    The surface bags and trunk purchased from Tsukayu needed filler and re-polishing prior to painting; since I was getting them painted in black it would have shown all the little waves that were left in the fiberglass. I did not consider having Tsukayu paint them because I wanted a 2 color personalized paint scheme and felt more confortable getting it done locally.

    With regars to the jumbo bags I was considering purchasing them initially but they came out with VStar specific bags before I did so I ordered the VStar specific bags.

    Hope this help.

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