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  1. The best advice I ever got on riding

    General Bike Talk
    I took a riders safety course a few years back when I got my V Star. Learned alot of good riding tips there. Might be a good thing for you to think about doing. I had been riding for years before that, and still learned some good stuff. Plus got my motorcycle endorsement, and a discount on my...
  2. Surprise! A funny story.

    General Bike Talk
    Can't say enough about duct tape. also matches or bic lighter. I keep a small 1x4 block of wood, for when i have to park on not so solid ground. plus what you guys already mentioned, and some rain suits.
  3. Show off your V-Star here! Pics please

    V Star
    Yes it is!:cool:
  4. BOTM April voting

    StarBikeForums Bike of the Month
    Same here.
  5. New to Yamaha and don't know which one to get?

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the site Mudbone! I say go with the 950Tour, you'll be glad you did.
  6. Vstar 950 riding light recommendations?

    V Star
    I put the yamaha light bar on my 950. it's great. plus i put v star visors on both highway lighs and headlight.
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    General Bike Talk
    nothin' like new shoes.
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    General Bike Talk
    I decided not to sell her. :D
  9. weird bikes

    Other Motorcycles
    Very entertaining thread.:D
  10. Help me with a price

    V Star
    Congrats! Great bike.
  11. Which Slip on for my V-Star 950

    V Star
    I suggest leaving the stock muffler on. I like the quiet but throaty sound of it. And seems to get a little deeper as the years go by. Plus the look goes good with the bike. Just my opinion.
  12. 2010 950 V Star for sale, $5500

    For Sale
    Hey Sugar Bear, great to hear from ya. So glad you're still around. Yeah, we had a good old time on here back in the day. Thanks for the memories. But yeah, the traffic is getting a little too crowded on the roads here, and a bit dangerous too, at least for my taste. So I figure I'll use the...
  13. 2010 950 V Star for sale, $5500

    For Sale
    2010 950 V Star for sale, $5000 not for sale
  14. 2010 V Star 950 Tourer with extras $6000.

    For Sale
    2010 V Star 950 Tourer with extras $5800. not for sale
  15. backrest

    V Star
    There is a bracket that bolts up under the passenger seat at the same place the pass. seat bolts to the fender. Then the backrest slides into the bracket.
  16. backrest

    V Star
    No adjustment. It just slides all the way in, and when you lean against it that's where it stays, all the way in.
  17. Anyone else having problems with this site??

    Community Help
    Google Chrom works great on this site, that is if you don't mind waiting 5 to 10 minutes for each page to load.:rolleyes:
  18. Whats the differences in a V-Star 950 vs. 1300

    General Bike Talk
    I've never been on a 1300, but I'm on my forth season with my stock 2010 950. It will blast along at 80 to 90 miles an hour with room to spare, and that's with me and the wife on it. We're not big people, but we're not tiny either. I don't cruize at those speeds all the time 65 to 70 on the...
  19. 950 Bolt-Looks like we need another bike specific forum.

    Just saw video for new Star- BOLT Pretty much a factory built bobber with a slightly redressed 950 motor.
  20. Finally! My new Strat!

    Stratoliner & Roadliner
    Constrats!:rolleyes: I mean, Congrats! Nice bike.
1-20 of 477 Results