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My project bobber 2022
Fiberglass batwing fairing
The other woman in my life. I buy her nice things. She lets me ride her however I want.
USA imported to UK 2007 VStar 650
My new to me 05 650 Midnight project
2014 1300 Vstar Deluxe
My vessel of the blacktop ocean
2018 Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental
My 2008 Yamaha V Star 650 Custom for long ride
My last 2 bikes that I still own, are a 2007 Vstar 1300 & 2007 Roadstar Midnight Silverado. I just bought this new 2018 Eluder GT in Aug 2020 and will be selling Roadstar. The Vstar is my project bike.
My 2nd Yamaha...my 1st was 35 years ago
Yamaha Vstar 1100 Custom/Flames
2017 razor trunk addition, Danny Grey seat and lowered bags
2007 Stratoliner level one modification