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XVS 650 Custom
I baught her from the origional owner, last October. The guy bought her new, was trying to get into the scene a little bit and learn about riding, and maintaining her. Well with less than 100 miles on the clock. He was gonna do some maintenance, had the key in the ignition walked inside for a drink, started talking to his wife,and when he came back out she was gone. When she was recovered ,the thieves had done atrocious things to her. Absolutely no lights were on her, no blinkers, head light, tag or tail light,in fact the whole rear wiring harness was gone, ripped the ignition out, and got rid of the neck covers, beat the Crap out of the tank around the gas cap hole trying to get it open (even though when they stole it,they had the keys) ...they had a cotton work glove as the make shift cap, spray painted the fenders white, cut the spring off the rear shock,chopped up the exhaust(s), and put roughly 200 miles on her , and dumped her in a parking lot. The owner was overwhelmed to say the least when he got her back , and since the gas cap was now a glove, water had got in the tank, and into the carbs, and he put her online for $750. I was able to take out a quick loan, and hussled to pick her up. So I got a 2013 V-Star 650 Custom with 396 miles on it for $750 .She definitely needed a whole lotta love at first , but now she's getting there.
2013 Yamaha XVS 650 Custom (Black)


Carbs have been rejected to 117.5s , and I have 2 #4 washers on the needles. Did the GAK airbox mod, and AIS deleted.
No fenders right now.no neck covers, ( removed by thieves).fabbed up headlight brackets, fabbed up bar end blinkers, led rear tail,brake,and blinker strip across single (stock) seat. Side mounted plate bracket. Fabbed custom hidden ignition switch. Still not complete...
Replaced rear shock.
Took 2 1/2 inches out of the stock mirror risers, looks factory, if you don't know,then you'd never think they weren't.


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