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  1. V Star
    I picked up a used 2003 V Star 1100 Custom. It has a set of hard krome 2.75" pipes and a kuryakan hypercharger. It was backfiring so I took off the carb to clean it. It hadn't been rejected and has the stock jets and needle adjustments. Anyone know what size jets I should be using and the...
  2. Electrical and Lighting
    Hey guys ! last season I bought a v star 1100 . I noticed when selecting the right side flasher , the front right bulb does not blink.. the previous owner did a full front and rear led light conversion .All the lights work fine even the Right rear light bulb flasher works fine ( no hyper...
  3. V Star
    I just got my 2003 V Star Custom 1100 last week and noticed that I run out of gas at around the 65 mile range. It ony takes 1.6 gallons to fill my tank even though my research shows it should be a 4.5 gallon tank. Is there something wrong or did the previous owner swap tanks? There are no badges.
  4. Canada
    HELP:. It is a long story but an angry ex-wife is involved! I need front forks and front wheel for a 2001 to 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 classic. I have the right fork - it was on the bike but I had the other off to replace the seals - now it is gone along with wheel! Found forks on eBay but does...
  5. V Star
    Ok so, got an old ‘00 that needs a LOT of love for a winter project. Noticed the carbs would stick open at wherever position you left them at while mated via the bracket. Figured they were just nasty, I planned on rebuilding anyway. Once separated, I noticed they opened and snapped closed as...
  6. V Star
    I want to order the highest rise apes I can get without having to extend my cables. I’ve been looking at 10’’ with a 3’’ pullback but I’ve heard that you can go higher. Can someone give me a for-sure height? I’m wanting to go with 12’’
  7. V Star
    QUESTION. In what year did the Vstar 1100 classic's odometer become digital and not the analog ticker style? I have a digital odometer and mine is supposed to be a 2000. But I have seen some "newer" bikes for sale that have analog odometers.
  8. V Star
    So I'm looking at changing out my stock bars and I found a set of 14" bagger bars. The guy at the bike shop said they would fit, my question is how much other stuff am i going to have to change out to make them work. I seen a guy put 16" apes on one and by re-routing the cables they all worked...
  9. V Star
    Any idea why my bike starts to misfire around 70-90 miles an hour? It sounds like it starts running on one cylinder then it goes back to two out of nowhere..?? Any advice much appreciated.
  10. V Star
    Hi all, Was attempting a handlebar swap, and all went well, had to replace front brake line, but other cables all fit still. I got everything put back together and now my brake lever does not activate my brake light. Rear brake activates the light as it should, and the front brakes are fully...
  11. New Member Introductions
    I've had the bike for about a year and have spent about 2 months actually riding. I've spent a lot of time fixing the previous owners mods and fixing problems I've caused and in the process have just about torn the bike down to the motor and frame. I've learned a lot about the bike, the...
1-11 of 11 Results