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  1. Anybody ever ride passenger with it lowered?

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    On a 650. I seen j slam will bottom out was thinking about one of the kits. The bobber cycle kit makes it a hard tail I think which would work but would be rough. What about the pacific coast anybody use it with passenger? Or one of the other kits that are the same thing
  2. strange noise with key ignition

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    I received this bike as a non running project. Anytime I turn the key on it starts making this strange percussion noise. I think its the fuel pump activating but ive never heard one sound like this. I have posted a video on my YouTube if anyone would listen to it and tell me what their opinion...
  3. 2002 xvs650 Custom / no start idle issue

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    Hey guys! recently picked up a sweet looking 650 custom from a friend. He had it sitting for a bit since 2014... it turns over and somewhat starts but dies right after starting for about 1-2 seconds. It can hold a better start if I spray some carb cleaner in the air vent. I have already taken...