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    Hello all, first post here! I just bought a 2002 V-Star 650 yesterday and it has a Kuryakyn Hypercharger and drag pipes (I believe to be 2.5 inch roadburners, previous owner wasn't sure). It has no throttle response just above idle, if I roll onto the throttle the bike sputters and if I get...
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    On a 650. I seen j slam will bottom out was thinking about one of the kits. The bobber cycle kit makes it a hard tail I think which would work but would be rough. What about the pacific coast anybody use it with passenger? Or one of the other kits that are the same thing
  3. V Star
    I received this bike as a non running project. Anytime I turn the key on it starts making this strange percussion noise. I think its the fuel pump activating but ive never heard one sound like this. I have posted a video on my YouTube if anyone would listen to it and tell me what their opinion...
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    Hey guys! recently picked up a sweet looking 650 custom from a friend. He had it sitting for a bit since 2014... it turns over and somewhat starts but dies right after starting for about 1-2 seconds. It can hold a better start if I spray some carb cleaner in the air vent. I have already taken...