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  1. V Star
    So I bought a 2010 classic the other week, all mechanically sound and rather immaculate condition for its age but I just have a few questions and concerns. 1. Cold starting - I upped from a virago 250 that needed the choke when it basically just wasn't sunny however the star starts and idles...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, live in MN. Just sold my 650 and got a 1300. Bought a stock exhaust, but didn’t realize I needed the stock bracket to mount it. currently have after market 2-1 Vance and Hines on there. Considering selling that setup too
  3. V Star
    Hello everyone , I am reaching out to find out which are the best settings to use on my new Cobra fi2000 tuner I recently purchased. I have a 2015 yamaha Vstar 950 touring with a Cobra Dragster full after market exhaust. I don't have an after market intake just yet. If anyone has experience with...
  4. V Star
    I picked up a used 2003 V Star 1100 Custom. It has a set of hard krome 2.75" pipes and a kuryakan hypercharger. It was backfiring so I took off the carb to clean it. It hadn't been rejected and has the stock jets and needle adjustments. Anyone know what size jets I should be using and the...
  5. Warrior
    I've had the Warrior 2004 for a couple of weeks now and have put approximately 600 kms on it with various outings. I love riding this beast of a machine, though there are things I would change if I could (parts availability) or should (issues/probs that you guys recognise.). From the get go I...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Update #2 Mystery Solved :) I managed to make contact with the folks at "Roadburner" aka: "Hard Krome" - my exhaust is in fact there brand. On a better note (pun intended) - I was able to pull out the baffles, cut the outer "layer" off, then wrapped the inner layer (cheese grater) with 1/2...
1-6 of 6 Results