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ape hangers

  1. Ape hangars on 2002 v star classic 1100

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    I want to order the highest rise apes I can get without having to extend my cables. I’ve been looking at 10’’ with a 3’’ pullback but I’ve heard that you can go higher. Can someone give me a for-sure height? I’m wanting to go with 12’’
  2. Need extended cables/break line..

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    Installing 16” apes on my 2006 VStar 1100 Classic. I know there is a connect that everyone goes through, forgot his name. Can you guys drop his name or page below so I can reach out to him so I can purchase the proper cables? Thanks 😘
  3. Installing 14” apes (1” bars) do I need new cables?

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    First bike and putting 14” apes on it. Was poking around and couldn’t find any information. My stock cables are to short and just wanted some experienced advice on the way to approach this task. Thanks In Advance