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  1. Stratoliner & Roadliner
    I'm building a 06 roadliner into a bagger style bike. I shopped around and ever add,posting or info on the internet the name of a company called "bagger bags" keep popping up in the search. So I looked at what they had to offer. They had a kit for many of the yamaha lines including the...
  2. V Star
    I will be building out my 2009 V Star 950 Tourer this winter. I'm going for a custom bagger look and doing everything myself. Does anyone know if any rear fenders from any Harleys or other motorcycles fit (with or without modification?)
  3. V Star
    Will 10" bagger bars that are 1" diameter fit on my 08 v star 1100 custom? I'm wanting ape hangers but im only 5'8 and would like them to roll back like the bagger style. Just wanting to see if they will work before I order them. I have look through the threads and can't find any information on...
  4. V Star
    So I'm looking at changing out my stock bars and I found a set of 14" bagger bars. The guy at the bike shop said they would fit, my question is how much other stuff am i going to have to change out to make them work. I seen a guy put 16" apes on one and by re-routing the cables they all worked...
1-4 of 4 Results