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  1. V Star
    Howdy everyone! Today is the day I finally start the bobber build. With only about 1 more month or so until riding season is really in full effect here in Washington I figured I'd take this time and get the 650 a little love :) So far here's what I plan on doing to her: -GAK air intake -Rejet...
  2. Carb and Fuel
    Hey! Been riding my Vstar for some time now and I've been modifying and bobber converting it! Recently been wanting to do the single carb conversion kit that KJS offers. It's almost a complete kit. I honestly don't really mind the performance increase it claims, I'm just trying to clean up the...
  3. V Star
    So I’m pretty new to the bike scene, street wise anyway. Grew up on dirt bikes. Recently I got a 2017 vstar 1300, it was dropped and needs a bit of work. I want to build a bobber, but have not been able to find any similar builds or info with such a new bike. And any of the “kits” for bobber...
1-3 of 3 Results