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  1. V Star
    Someone in a Facebook group was having difficulty with a rear brake calliper on his Vstar 1100 not releasing well. Lots of advice was given about checking the pistons for pitting/dirt, cleaning everything well, rebuilding the calliper, etc. But one person said that the relief valve/port might...
  2. Venture/Eluder
    First happened toward end of 400 mile trip. My Eluder has about 5.5k miles. After first time I heard it it does it always now at any speed. To duplicate/observe: at parking lot speed when I forcefully apply the hand brake lever (front right rotor I think) it makes a pulsating metallic...
  3. Motorcycle Modifications
    Hey guys new here, new to cruisers. bought the bike yesterday (04/01/2020) and love it a lot. two things I’ve noticed are lights need to be adjust and be waaaaay brighter. Ideas for a fix on that would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to go HID but that’s seems like a labor intensive...
1-3 of 3 Results