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  1. V Star
    Hello all, I just picked up a cheap 2000 vstar 650 from a repo auction to tinker with. Relatively new to all this so forgive my ignorance. When I took the carb off I noticed that one intake boot below the carb was absolutely overflowing with gas, pretty much up to the brim. Just on the rear...
  2. V Star
    Can you run a bike to lean? I have a v star 650 that gets 38mpg it used to get 52.
  3. V Star
    Ok so, got an old ‘00 that needs a LOT of love for a winter project. Noticed the carbs would stick open at wherever position you left them at while mated via the bracket. Figured they were just nasty, I planned on rebuilding anyway. Once separated, I noticed they opened and snapped closed as...
  4. V Star
    Hey gang, 07 V Star 1100 classic. Riding today and apparently a chrome cover fell off the left side of the bike. It was below the gas tank an appears to cover over the carb. There are two female thread posts there where something obviously vibrated loose. Trying to figure out what part it...
  5. Carb and Fuel
    I have a 2001 1100 custom. I am working on my carbs and need to replace the throttle plate thats inside the carbs. Its the round brass disc that flaps open and closes. I attached a picture. Ebay no luck, parts websites dont even show it on the lists. Anyone have any links to a seller or does...
  6. Engine Work
    I bought this V Star 650. It only went 55 mph when I bought it. Now I have k&n ans cobra exhaust. I cleaned the Jets and now it runs (ran) beautifully. I bought an all balls repair kit. Now first this brass fitting broke off I saw there was a pin in there so the screw had to be hollow. I drilled...
1-6 of 6 Results