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  1. Carb and Fuel
    First post……be gentle lol Bought a 2004 Vstar Classic with Vance and Hines straight pipes. Backfired like crazy and fouled plugs. Took it in. Was told it had the wrong jet kit. Had new kit installed. Bike still kept carbon fouling plugs. Extremely sooty. Took it back. Was told it needed to be...
  2. Carb and Fuel
    Hey all, first post. Seeing if I can get help diagnosing a problem. When trying to start, the engine turns over fine, but the engine doesn’t ignite and get started. Sometimes after 6 attempts or so, it will start. When trying to start, if I give it some throttle, it usually starts up no problem...
  3. Carb and Fuel
    Hey everyone! Just bought a 2003 Yamaha vstar 1100. First thing I did was pull the carbs and air filter. I can’t remember where this hose goes. It’s capped at one end. Please help
  4. Engine Work
    When I ride on the highway in approx 110 kilometers/hour (km/h), and give my bike more gas quickly when driving by another vehicle, it hesitates for a fraction of a second. The carbs are synchronized. And when the bike is warm, it "backfires" when driving slow and backfires more when decreasing...
1-4 of 4 Results