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  1. General Bike Talk
    2007 yahmha vstar 1100 Hey been trying everything to get my bike from backfiring. This like the 4th time this weekend I've pulled apart to clean n adjust carbs. Well was goin to move shim down on needle n when I put needle back in broke the fingers 2 of them n cant get needle to stay in right...
  2. V Star
    Hey y'all, first post here. I just picked a semi-beatup 2000 Vstar 650 for cheap. It came with the hypercharger, vance & hines and pingel fuel petcock installed. AIS is blocked off but still on bike. Just opened up the carb and looks like they were running stock jets. Y'all got a recommended...
  3. V Star
    Hey guys so I’m working on a 2007 Yamaha Vstar 1100 classic and it’s my first time messing with carbs. So I am impatient and hate waiting for shipping and i am limited to motorcycle shops where I live so I bought the only aftermarket PMS this bike shop had and it’s the moose racing one and it...
  4. V Star
    So the enrichener screws on 01 v star 650 stock factory are 2 1/2 turns out. I was getting a lot of soot on spark plugs and low mpg. So I turned both in 1/4 turn so bike runs a little leaner. Now I have no soot and plugs look normal. Haven't checked mpg yet. Is this a problem?
  5. Carb and Fuel
    While under a load my bike seems to idle a little bit rough. Also while riding there are moments where I get like a surge of power like in suddenly has all the power in the world. And then it goes away. Not quite sure what to check to correct this issue is it vacuum, spark or fuel? Maybe I need...
  6. Wanted Items
    Looking to purchase a 2004 Carb from a Yamaha vstar 650 to put onto my 2001 Yamaha vstar 650. Does anyone know if they are compatible? I have done some research and notice a part number difference in the carb itself however the rebuilt kits say they are the same? Thank you
1-6 of 6 Results