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  1. Vstar 1100 problems

    V Star
    Just bought a “new to me” 06 Xvs1100 from a dealership and about a month after riding I’m starting to have carburetor backfires and pops from the exhaust. It has a stock air box and an aftermarket exhaust system. I seem to get really low fuel mileage too. I know that I should some tuning to the...
  2. V-Star 1100 Carb Syncing issues.

    Engine Work
    I installed the SS Customs POD kit, and rejected the carbs with the supplied materials. Put it all back together and backfires / pop when warmed up. I can't get the carbs to sync. The gauges are hooked up, and I can see the carbs out of sync. No matter how much I adjust the 'syncing screw'...
  3. Mikuni carburetor

    V Star
    Hey all I'm new here. I've got a 1999 v star 650 custom. In the process of adjusting my mixture screws on the dual carbs they both stripped on the heads. Was super careful but the metal was just incredibly brittle. I'm looking to just replace the carbs overall at this point anyway. It's stock...
  4. No gas in carb bowls

    V Star
    01 V Star 1100. I recently cleaned the carbs and everything was working properly. Now for some reason the carb bowls are dry as a bone. The fuel pump is only working when the lines are not connected to the carbs. I pulled the carbs off again to check the floats and everything seems to be in...
  5. V Star 650 Carburetor issue?

    V Star
    Hello, everyone. I hope everyone is having a good day/night. I just recently bought a V star 650 Classic (01) for $1,500. The person who sold it to me said he was selling it for so cheap because he said he messed up the carburetor trying to do a DIY job. Something to do with either the needle...