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  1. Road Star
    Has anybody ever seen an engine guard/screen (see picture) ever mounted on a Road Star? I think it looks cool, yes I'm old (using cool as a descriptor).
  2. V Star
    Hey gang, 07 V Star 1100 classic. Riding today and apparently a chrome cover fell off the left side of the bike. It was below the gas tank an appears to cover over the carb. There are two female thread posts there where something obviously vibrated loose. Trying to figure out what part it...
  3. General Bike Talk
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for any tips on restoring the very pitted chrome on my exhaust pipes. The pitting is very dense on one of the pipes. I've already chemically removed the rust (Rust-Oleum's Rust Dissolver). With the rust removed, can I simply wet-sand it down and polish it like you...
  4. General Bike Talk
    I'm looking to upgrade my bike. I'm noticing more and more bikes are going to the "Blackout" look, mostly matte black finish and very little chrome. I'm an old geezer and like the traditional shiny chrome on a cruiser bike. Which do you prefer?
1-5 of 5 Results