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  1. V Star
    Howdy friends, does anyone know of any seats that are interchangeable with an 1100 classic? TIA
  2. V Star
    Hey guys I have a 1999 vstar 650 custom. I need to replace my rear differential and drive shaft like alot of people do. Are the parts interchangeable between custom and classic?
  3. V Star
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping for some help. Im stumped big time on this one. I have a 01 Vstar650 that sat for a few years. It now fires right up without any issues. Ill include a list of what I did below. But my problem is that when its idling and not under a load, it'll...
  4. V Star
    I want to order the highest rise apes I can get without having to extend my cables. I’ve been looking at 10’’ with a 3’’ pullback but I’ve heard that you can go higher. Can someone give me a for-sure height? I’m wanting to go with 12’’
  5. V Star
    QUESTION. In what year did the Vstar 1100 classic's odometer become digital and not the analog ticker style? I have a digital odometer and mine is supposed to be a 2000. But I have seen some "newer" bikes for sale that have analog odometers.
  6. V Star
    Installing 16” apes on my 2006 VStar 1100 Classic. I know there is a connect that everyone goes through, forgot his name. Can you guys drop his name or page below so I can reach out to him so I can purchase the proper cables? Thanks 😘
  7. V Star
    On the way home Wednesday I felt a snap and my throttle went loose. Tightened up the "pull" cable and went home. Everything seems to be working fine for now. From what I understand, the push cable is backup to throttle doesn't get stuck open right? Can I ride until I replace it? I was already...
  8. New Member Introductions
    I've had the bike for about a year and have spent about 2 months actually riding. I've spent a lot of time fixing the previous owners mods and fixing problems I've caused and in the process have just about torn the bike down to the motor and frame. I've learned a lot about the bike, the...
1-9 of 9 Results