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  1. V Star
    Hi guys, I got a little problem. I ordered some cobra slash cut slip ons for my vstar 1100. Problem is the bolt holes on the exhaust doesn’t align with the bike’s. Bolt holes… I hope I’m being clear enough ahaha but I mean the slip ons fits in the exhaust I just can’t bolt them on the bike…and...
  2. V Star
    I'm looking for a Cobra slip-on for my 1300 but I'm in the the UK and all the suppliers I can find are in the US. Any one know a UK based supplier?
  3. V Star
    Hello everyone , I am reaching out to find out which are the best settings to use on my new Cobra fi2000 tuner I recently purchased. I have a 2015 yamaha Vstar 950 touring with a Cobra Dragster full after market exhaust. I don't have an after market intake just yet. If anyone has experience with...
1-3 of 3 Results