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  1. V Star
    Hi, I've owned the bike for about 4 months now and have put on roughly 4,500 miles on it. It has recently been making a noise a idle, is sounds like a rotating component of some sort. When the bike is moving, the sound gets louder with the more rpms. If the bike is cold and moving, it makes a...
  2. For Sale
    2014, new in the crate when bought in 2017. 4059 miles on it. $5000 Upgrades on it. Cobra Slip-On Muffler, 4" elliptical tip, Chrome Cobra FI2000R O2 Digital Fual Processor Big Bike Hwy Bars Kurakyn ISO Hwy Pegs Mustang Vintage Wide Touring two-piece seat Yamaha Passing lights Triple whammy...
  3. V Star
    Hi Folks, Greetings, I have had my 2007 XVS1300 since 2014, I ride casually on weekends, been browsing few forums finally registered here. I’m based downunder in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s a photo from a while back, have put on lowers and sissy bar since. Love this bike, had upgraded from...
1-4 of 4 Results