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  1. V Star
    Finally finished my vstar build, thanks to everyone who followed the build, and those that didn’t you can find all the build pics on my posts, any questions just ask, can’t wait for the British weather to improve, so I can go and get some professional pictures of the bike, then go riding and...
  2. Road Star
    So, as i said in my introduction i will share my bikes transformation with you guys! When i bought it, it was.. horrible i must say. But i got a good price, and i didn't want a stock bike either, so :) This is what it looked like. Electrical wires all over, taped sissy, bad mounted batwing...
  3. V Star
    Hi everyone, just thought I’d document the build of my 2001 xvs 1100, I’ve only been a member around 2 months, and thought this would be a great way to share information and ideas, I’ve got some great ideas, so over the months I’ll be posting pics and info no my progress, I’ve already stripped...
1-5 of 5 Results