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  1. Transmission rebuild

    Engine Work
    Hi, I have an 01 v star 650, it's been having a lot of trouble shifting into second, it will grind really hard or sometimes not shift at all and every once in a while it will slip out of gear immediately after shifting. I've always done all my own maintenance and am pretty comfortable doing so...
  2. 2014 V Star Wont Crank Over

    V Star
    I've had my 2014 V Star 650 Custom for about two weeks. In those two weeks, thing was running like a dream. Went to go start it this morning. Turned the key and the spedo and lights lit up like normal. Pulled the choke out and went to rev the engine a touch as I always have to when I start it...
  3. Engine parts identified

    Engine Work
    I just bought my bike, it’s my second V-Star, I have a minor drip under the crankcase. I cleaned it up and road it for a while and I think I’ve localized it but cannot find a single assembly diagram with this part on it. Also the two bolts on the back of the part are completely blocked by the...
  4. 97 Royal Star XVZ1300 Performance Parts

    Royal Star
    Hey everyone, I bought a pair of 97's RS last year, and i absolutely love them. 1 i bobbed out and is my daily and the other one is my project bike. I'm wanting to have some fun with the engine on the project bike but I am having a hell of a time finding performance parts or much...