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  1. Carb and Fuel
    While under a load my bike seems to idle a little bit rough. Also while riding there are moments where I get like a surge of power like in suddenly has all the power in the world. And then it goes away. Not quite sure what to check to correct this issue is it vacuum, spark or fuel? Maybe I need...
  2. Carb and Fuel
    Hello new member here. Own a 2008 VStar 1300 with 6k miles. This past week I am having an issue with really bad bucking and rough riding when rolling on the throttle especially in first and second gear at low speeds. Also when I start to bike up it is running rough and sounds like it is about to...
  3. V Star
    Hey guys, first post. Bought an 02 1100 and couldn't be happier. Broke down twice already tho and after a fuel system check the fuel pump is bad. Bike has only 10000 mi on her and I'm wondering why a $230. dollar pump failed so quickly. Anyways, Like past machines owned I like to upgrade to...
  4. Carb and Fuel
    Ref: Fuel Petcock, 2004 VS 650 Classic Being new to the VStar world I am used to fuel injection on my Goldwing. It has been years since I have had to deal with fuel shut offs. Today is an example when I warmed the bike up and it sputtered and died. A few minute later I realized I forgot to...
1-4 of 4 Results