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  1. V Star
    Hey there guys. I’m experiencing a loss of power after 4th gear. On my 2005 Yamaha Vstar650. Was topping out at 85-100mph. Now I can barely maintain 65mph in final gear. I’m guessing I may need to sync the carbs again or check my spacing on the sparks. Or re fit my air box. Just asking for a...
  2. General Bike Talk
    This morning, I dreamed that I had taken my handlebars off my Vstar, installed them into my car, and had a blast driving my car like that. Then, I hopped onto my Vstar, and it had these dinky handles on it, like a child's scooter. I realized that I was going 90 mph through traffic, but I had...
  3. V Star
    I want to order the highest rise apes I can get without having to extend my cables. I’ve been looking at 10’’ with a 3’’ pullback but I’ve heard that you can go higher. Can someone give me a for-sure height? I’m wanting to go with 12’’
1-3 of 3 Results