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  1. Road Star
    Hey everyone, Just noticed my main light stopped working when using low beams. All fuses are good so I bought a pair of Silverstar Ultra 9003's and, one at a time, both stopped working after turning the key off and on again a couple times, though they did work at first. I noticed a fuse loop...
  2. V Star
    This headlight sucks! Tried new bulbs, adjusting and its still not that bright. I believe it’s the reflector assembly itself. It’s the single H4 bulb style. Does anyone know of a replacement/ upgrade assembly for this bike? Led‘s would be great but don’t really want to change the light bucket if...
  3. V Star
    Hi all, does anyone know the size of the screws/bolts for adjusting the headlight beam? The heads on mine are a bit damaged from previous owner and I need to adjust, don’t want them to round off and get stuck and certainly don’t want to pay yamaha price per bolt if I dont have to!
  4. Electrical and Lighting
    Hi everyone names nick I just bought my 1st bike 2009 xvs1300 ct I cant figure out headlight horn not working the 10amp back up fuse was blown under seat and no 30 amp fuse in the box that shared a 10 amp fuse and square white 4 wire plug straight forward from battery bout 4 to 5 inches it had...
  5. V Star
    I recently got an aftermarket brake light for my bike and when I finished installing it I noticed that when I pulled the brake lever in, it would not light up brighter, but was lit in general. After I took the wiring harness (one that houses the rear turn signals and brake light) and did a...
1-5 of 5 Results