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  1. Carb and Fuel
    First post……be gentle lol Bought a 2004 Vstar Classic with Vance and Hines straight pipes. Backfired like crazy and fouled plugs. Took it in. Was told it had the wrong jet kit. Had new kit installed. Bike still kept carbon fouling plugs. Extremely sooty. Took it back. Was told it needed to be...
  2. V Star
    Hey y'all, first post here. I just picked a semi-beatup 2000 Vstar 650 for cheap. It came with the hypercharger, vance & hines and pingel fuel petcock installed. AIS is blocked off but still on bike. Just opened up the carb and looks like they were running stock jets. Y'all got a recommended...
  3. V Star
    Hello all, first post here! I just bought a 2002 V-Star 650 yesterday and it has a Kuryakyn Hypercharger and drag pipes (I believe to be 2.5 inch roadburners, previous owner wasn't sure). It has no throttle response just above idle, if I roll onto the throttle the bike sputters and if I get...
  4. V Star
    Hey all I'm new here. I've got a 1999 v star 650 custom. In the process of adjusting my mixture screws on the dual carbs they both stripped on the heads. Was super careful but the metal was just incredibly brittle. I'm looking to just replace the carbs overall at this point anyway. It's stock...
1-4 of 4 Results