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  1. V Star
    Hey I'm just looking to upgrade my lights to brighter LEDs and was wondering which bulbs the headlight, tail light and indicators it takes? Also any recommendations for brands would be great.
  2. V Star
    I replaced the brake light with an LED with a 3x strobe function before going solid bright. With the bike off it works perfectly; with it on it just keeps violently blinking with the brake engaged. Any fix?
  3. V Star
    Hello everyone, I've just made the worthy investment of switching to LEDs. I've ordered the respective 3 pin flasher relay for LEDs. My question is, how do I properly wire the unit such that I maintain the self-cancelling feature? Thanks.
  4. V Star
    Throwing this out there as I have searched up and down google, even contacted Yamaha with no luck and hopefully those with a '15-'17 1300 Deluxe could answer this. I threw on the LED Midnight Passing Lamps on my '16 1300 Deluxe. I'm trying to figure out the color temperature of the LEDs so...
1-4 of 4 Results