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oil leak

  1. V Star
    Only recently bought my first motorbike and I've just noticed what I thought was some sort of PCV, was leaking. Upon closer inspection I've realised I have no idea what this even is. Any help would be appreciated cheers.
  2. V Star
    So I bought a used 2002 Yamaha V-Start 1100 Classic a year ago. Sadly it didn't make it home. Sadly nobody noticed a very old and frayed throttle cable and the throttle stuck in the middle of a corner and sent me flying over a median curb and into a sign. Ever since I've been rebuilding her...
  3. Stratoliner & Roadliner
    Hey guys I have a 2008 roadliner and it has developed an oil leak at the back of the engine. It seems to be gear oil as it is clearer than engine oil and my gear oil level drops slightly but I cannot figure out where it’s leaking from . Any help would be appreciated
  4. Engine Work
    I just bought my bike, it’s my second V-Star, I have a minor drip under the crankcase. I cleaned it up and road it for a while and I think I’ve localized it but cannot find a single assembly diagram with this part on it. Also the two bolts on the back of the part are completely blocked by the...