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  1. V Star
    Hey, long time haunter of this forum, just looking for some advice. Long story had a bit of a spill and broke both indicators and I've had a struggle to get replacements. I'm needing some advice and a step by step instruction to fit the new ones if someone would be so kind. Dragstar 650. Thanks...
  2. V Star
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping for some help. Im stumped big time on this one. I have a 01 Vstar650 that sat for a few years. It now fires right up without any issues. Ill include a list of what I did below. But my problem is that when its idling and not under a load, it'll...
  3. Road Star
    I think I jinxed myself by putting my dream bike as my avatar before she was actually in my possession. She got stolen before I had my money situation fixed. So, now, I have to down grade from dream to what is acceptable and available. I'm running into questions. But I am sticking with my...
1-3 of 3 Results