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  1. V Star
    Currently doing a chop build on my 1100 vstar but wanting to upgrade to a 16 in the rear with a vintage tyre. Measured it out and the diameter would fit the swing arm. Factory wheel is 15x4.50 from memory? Wondering if anyone knows if a factory roadstar 1700 wheel would be compatable? They're...
  2. For Sale
    Unfortunately, these won't fit with the 3" extension kit i did for the floorboards. Only installed shift side to see if it would work or not. Comes with brake light wiring adapter, rod screws, banjo bolt / washers, all mounting bolts, and the shift rod ($50) that they don't tell you is required...
    $350 USD
  3. Batwing Fairing Installed

    I finally got the fairing installed on the bike a few weeks back and I really like how it looks. I think I need a taller windscreen as it seems I'm getting turbulence on my helmet. And here's a pic of my girlfriend on the bike too... :)
  4. Road Star
    So, as i said in my introduction i will share my bikes transformation with you guys! When i bought it, it was.. horrible i must say. But i got a good price, and i didn't want a stock bike either, so :) This is what it looked like. Electrical wires all over, taped sissy, bad mounted batwing...
  5. New Member Introductions
    My handle is PapaBear and I ride a 2000 custom Roadstar. I've put 145,000 miles on it riding all over the country. I'm retired and live in Gainesville, FL. I'm a member of the American Legion Riders, Rolling Thunder, and Gator Riders. I deliver RVs all over the US as a part time occupation.
  6. Road Star
    I have had numerous Yamahas over the years; XS400, XS850, V Star 650, V Star 1100. I also dipped my toes on the dark side and bought a Sportster (which I still have). But I have wanted a RoadStar for years. In my mind RoadStars are the perfect bike for my needs. A few years ago I came across...
1-6 of 6 Results