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  1. Road Star
    I have 1999 Road star 1600. The fuel gauge shows empty but I check tank and its full. My gas light is also flashing nonstop. Not sure if the fuel Guage is bad or it's more serious.
  2. Road Star
    Hey guys, I have a road star seat I just Purchased. I wanted to know if it would fit my silverado. I was told it might not fit because my silverado is bigger. Please shine some light on this I would greatly appreciate the help.
  3. Road Star
    Hey guys, anyone give me a hand here? I'm having trouble figuring out what springer front end i have? I picked up this 05 Roadstar project that had been modified already, front rim is broke and the axle might need replaced, no big deal but I'm not familiar with springers on a metric bike. I...
1-3 of 3 Results