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  1. V Star
    So I took an 3 hour ride the other day, beautiful weather for cruising. While on my ride I had my google maps going which shows the speed limit and my speed. Now like many to preface this I have used it a lot and it is pretty darn accurate (I have a certified Speedo in my car). Anyway, while...
  2. Electrical and Lighting
    Can anyone give me step by step instructions to take off speedometer in my bike and the bulb/s to replace and size please Photos would be appreciated UPDATE!!! changed bulb and still not working and also can not screw on internal nut to internal speedometer.......... So what do I do now?
  3. V Star
    Hey all, crashed my Vstar 650 classic and need it back on the road asap. My main concern is with a new aftermarket tank is the Speedo cable. Can it be run to the front of the new tank (where the forks are) and can I move the Speedo itself to near the handlebars? I would replace it with an OEM...
  4. V Star
    Hi all! Newly acquired 2002 V Star 1100 Classic, speedo, odometer, horn and turn signals stopped working. Runs fine. Other info: All other electrical seems to be working, including lights, speedo backlight, oil and check engine lights (flash on startup); 10A signal fuse keeps blowing; Bike has...
1-4 of 4 Results